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How are Sage users automatically processing invoices into Sage 50?

The Challenge

AFF Holdings, like many other companies using Sage 50, wanted to find a way to deal with the massive number of invoices to be processed into Sage. At the same time, the company also had the need to speed up invoice authorisation processes and reduce the number of duplicate invoices.

Approving Invoices was something AFF Holdings was also struggling with. Invoices were being sent for approval via email which made it difficult to trace them, meet approval deadlines as well as to ensure that no invoices were lost during the approval process. Retrieving the approval history was also difficult, with lots of time spent on going through emails to view the approval audit trail.

“Without PaperLess probably would have needed to employ another person…”

Accounts Team, AFF Holdings Limited

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The Solution

The solution for the challenges faced by this company was delivered by PaperLess Invoice Processing Software. A Sage Add-On Approved Solution that gives Sage users access to the best automatic invoice recognition and online invoice approval software for Sage.

Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage enables AFF Holdings to automatically process the majority of the large volume of invoices received on a daily basis. Furthermore, this powerful OCR Software for Sage 50 is also able to automatic detect duplicate invoices, which was one of the company’s main issues prior to the implementation of PaperLess.

Online Invoice Approval for Sage is also a core part of PaperLess Invoice Processing Software. Described by many as the best approval software for Sage, PaperLess Invoice Approval is currently used by AFF Holdings to streamline and gain control over the entire invoice approval process.

The Results

When enquired about the results achieved with the implementation of PaperLess, one of the first aspects mentioned by AFF Holdings were the time savings.

By removing the need to manually process invoices, invoice processing in now a much faster process. At the same time, accuracy levels have also increased, since there is less space for errors caused by manual data entry.

In fact, AFF Holdings acknowledges that without PaperLess they would probably need to employ another person, something that clearly shows the savings achieved and the increase in productivity levels experienced by this customer.

PaperLess also fulfilled another one of the company’s objectives, which was to reduce the number of duplicate invoices. By identifying duplicate invoices at the start of the process, this not just prevents the company from making duplicate payments but also saves time by eliminating the need to go into Sage and remove duplicate transactions.

Finally, PaperLess also significantly changed this customer’s invoice approval process. Passing the invoice through to another for approval no longer needs to be done via email, giving a much better level of control over the entire invoice approval process and making it a lot easier to retrieve the approval audit trail which, together with the invoice, is linked to Sage 50 transaction lines.

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