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Going PaperLess Saves SME More than €7,000 every year

Aiming at going PaperLess, SME Finance & Leasing Solutions started the process of looking for an invoice processing solution. This solution would need to offer a seamless integration with Sage 50, whilst ensuring that the company goals of streamlining invoice processing by going PaperLess were achieved.

“Paperless installation created a monumental change in document processing, should have been integrated years ago, pays for itself every day.”

Eugene O’ Donovan, CEO

The Solution

The seamless integration with Sage 50 together with the quality of the pre-sales service provided, were key factors that led to the choice of PaperLess Software.

Due to the easy implementation process and ease of use, PaperLess gave SME instant access to a powerful set of invoice processing automation features fully compatible and certified by Sage. This means that since their PaperLess journey started, the company’s accounts team no longer has to spend time filing invoices and now have all invoices at all times at their fingertips. With PaperLess, no more time is spent on searching through folders or on trying to find misfiled invoices.

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The Results

By going PaperLess, SME leasing estimates that just in direct savings the software enables them to save 12 hours per month on paper filling, plus another 12 hours on retrieving invoices. If we consider an average hourly rate of €25 per hours, just these savings amount to a total of €7,200.

These values would be even higher if one takes into consideration the number of hours saved on manual data entry, as well as the time spent on fixing errors caused by this manual and time-consuming process.

The company also stresses the importance PaperLess Software had during the lockdown originated by Covid. The company CEO acknowledges that, without PaperLess and the possibility to process and access all invoices online, SME could not have continued operating during this difficult period.

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