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MullerVisual Communication cut costs by moving towards PaperLess accounting

MullerVisual Communication is a printing specialist with a diverse range of products. In mid-2008, when facing the deteriorating economic situation, the company began looking for ways to cut costs. One of the measures was to switch to PaperLess accounting.

“Initially we were looking for a document scanning solution through one of our traditional suppliers,” says Bart Schulz, MullerVisual Communication’s administration responsible, “but at a trade show I met someone who told me that with UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess we could post invoices directly into the system.”

Schultz realized that a direct link to the accounting software saves a lot of time in data entering, and in his quest for more information he ended up meeting UNIT4’s partner – UniDis – who was able to provide him with a detailed explanation about the way UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess works and the benefits it could bring to his company.

  • Post Invoices directly into the accounting software
  • Savings on time spent in data entering
  • Non-accounting documents management & storage
  • Automatic filling of purchase invoices

Muller Visual Case Study


Currently all supplier invoices scanned at MullerVisual Communication are immediately posted to UNIT4 Multivers. All contracts are also digitized and stored in UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess’s Other Documents Archive. For the time being sales invoices are still imported through a separate module, which the company has used for a long time.


“Cooperation with the implementation partner went very well,” added Schultz. “They tackled problems and bottlenecks quickly and listened to ideas from people working in the field. Accountants have stated that they were lazy and in my case – ideally – I do any act only once, and with the way UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess is built that is possible.” Currently the role of Bart Schultz in the administrative process is more about controlling the deployment of UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess “since most fields of the purchase invoices are already filled and I can therefore quickly see where further action is required. This saves me a lot of time.”

Reorganization within MullerVisual has been completed and the company sways along the waves in these turbulent times. “When the market recovers, we can again prosper with all the new opportunities that will arise” says Bart Schultz, adding that “with the deployment of UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess, administratively that will not be a problem.”

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