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What’s the best way to scan invoices into Sage?

There are different ways that Sage users can scan invoices into Sage. However, the best way to scan invoice into Sage is with PaperLess Invoice Scanning. A Sage Approved Add-On Software that allows users to automatically scan invoices, capture invoice data with OCR technology, and post invoices to Sage while, at the same time, attaching scanned invoice directly into Sage transaction lines.

PaperLess Invoice Scanning, the best way of scanning invoices into Sage


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Some of the benefits of automatically scanning invoices into Sage are:

  • It speeds up invoice processing and scanning routines by automatically capturing and posting invoice data to Sage.
  • It saves time and money by reducing manual data entry, archiving and retrieving invoices, and handling queries through email.
  • It improves compliance and auditability by attaching scanned invoices to Sage transactions.
  • It can help manage cash flow by shortening the time between the arrival of a payable bill and the entry into Sage.

Can I scan invoices from different sources with PaperLess?

Yes, with PaperLess you can scan invoices from different sources. Then using PaperLess OCR for Sage, all data is automatically extracted from the various invoice formats.

What are some of the advantages of PaperLess Invoice Scanning for Sage?

Among many of the benefits of PaperLess Invoice Scanning for Sage the time savings are at the top of the list. PaperLess saves time and hassle by automating the process of capturing and posting invoice data to Sage.

At the same time, by automating invoice scanning and invoice capture processes, PaperLess also increases accuracy and consistency by reducing human errors and verifying invoice data with smart validation which helps to detect invoice anomalies and prevent fraud or posting errors.

PaperLess also makes it easy for accounts teams to link invoices to Sage. Besides automatically capturing and posting invoices to Sage when you post a transaction from PaperLess into Sage, PaperLess automatically attaches the invoice to the corresponding transaction in Sage.

How easy is it to scan invoices with PaperLess for Sage?

It is very easy to scan invoices with PaperLess for Sage. All you need to do is to bring the invoices into PaperLess and run PaperLess Invoice Recognition for Sage.

PaperLess Invoice Recognition automatically captures all invoice data and allow you to review it before posting it to Sage. On posting, PaperLess will automatically attach the invoices to Sage transactions so that you can easily retrieve them later.

You can also use PaperLess to scan documents that support other types of transactions such as credit notes, sales invoices, purchase orders, etc.

From online invoice approval to purchase order matching and full automation of emailed invoices, there are many other advantages of going PaperLess. In order to find out more all Sage users can subscribe to a free online demo by simply click here.

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