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Invoice approval software: why you need it?

Click to Visit Sage MarketplaceIf you are still managing invoices manually, you may be missing out on the benefits of using an invoice approval software. A tool that automates the process of reviewing, approving, and processing invoices from suppliers or vendors. It can help you streamline your accounts payable workflow, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Is there an invoice approval system for Sage users?

Yes, PaperLess is Sage Add-On Approval Software  that enables Sage users to streamline invoice approval processes.

PaperLess allows you to send invoices for approval with custom rules and workflows. With this Approval Software for Sage you can also set up approval limits and thresholds, and access invoice approval history from within Sage.

By using Sage and PaperLess together, you save time, reduce errors, improve visibility, and enhance collaboration.

Online Invoice Approval for Sage

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What are the benefits of choosing an invoice approval software that integrates with Sage?

By choosing an approval software that integrates with Sage, you can streamline your accounts payable workflow, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance satisfaction in your accounts payable department.

Some of the benefits of choosing an invoice approval software that integrates with Sage are:


Reduce time spent on the invoice approval process

An approval software can speed up the invoice cycle by eliminating manual tasks such as data entry, scanning, printing, filing, and mailing. You can also set up custom approval rules and workflows to route invoices to the right person or department automatically. This way, you can avoid delays, bottlenecks, and missed deadlines.


Avoid human errors

Reduce the risk of human errors such as typos, duplicates, mismatches, or lost invoices. Furthermore, such software will also help you to avoid overpayments, underpayments, penalties, or audits.


Improve visibility over the approval process

An invoice approval software can provide you with real-time visibility into your invoice status and payment history. You can track and monitor your invoices from creation to payment, and see which ones are sent, unpaid, or overdue.


Enhance collaboration across the company

Improve communication and collaboration between your accounts payable team and your suppliers or vendors. With a software to approve invoices you can send notifications, reminders, feedbacks, or queries through the software and keep everyone on the same page. Accessing invoices from any device or location and approve them on-the-go is also readily available.


Increase compliance and audit trail

You can store all your invoices securely and retrieve them easily with a simple look-up from Sage transaction lines. You can also view the approval history and comments for each invoice, ensuring accountability and transparency.

By implementing PaperLess invoice approval  in your business, you can enjoy these benefits and more. You can save time and money, reduce errors and risks, improve visibility and control, and enhance collaboration and satisfaction in your accounts payable department.

How to automate Sage Invoice Approval with PaperLess Software?

PaperLess software automates Sage invoice Approval processes by allowing you to create approval rules which automate and streamline your invoice approval process. This is done by defining criteria for routing invoices to the right approvers, setting time limits, sending notifications, and applying conditional logic.

With PaperLess Invoice Approval you can define approval criteria based on supplier, department, project, cost center, amount, or other fields. You can also set up notifications, reminders, escalations, and comments for each approval step.

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