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Did you know that PaperLess is fully compatible with Sage 200 Standard?

Yes, that is right… even though Sage 200 Standard’s API is not yet fully developed, PaperLess know-how made it possible to give companies using Sage 200 Standard and Sage for Education access to the unique AP automation features so many companies using Sage 200 Professional are already used to.

Where others failed or gave up PaperLess succeeded, and currently has a strong customer base of companies using Sage 200 Standard and Sage for Education, who rely on PaperLess to speed up their invoice processing, invoice approval and invoice archiving routines.

Even though this was a challenging integration, PaperLess will always be seen as the first document management software provider to be able to integrate with Sage 200 Standard and Sage for Education. So, if you are using any of these Sage products and if you have the need to automate your accounts payable function, simple click here to book your free demo of the best document management software for Sage.

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With what Sage products does PaperLess integrate with? 

Besides integrating with Sage 200 Standard and Sage for Education, PaperLess for Sage also integrates with all versions of Sage 50, Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Extra Online.

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