What all CFOs should know about going PaperLess!

Click to learn more about Invoice Approval for Sage It is vital that CFOs are aware that companies are going PaperLess not just because it is trendy. What all CFOs should know is that going PaperLess helps companies cope with the increasing number of invoices and keep headcount under control.

Even though the advantages of going PaperLess are clear for most CFOs, the truth is that there is still a minority that is still printing invoices, spending time on manual data entry and sending paper invoices for approval. Yes, it is unbelievable that there are still companies working like. Such companies are also the same that usually complain about increasing labor costs and the difficulty to find qualified workers.

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Can all CFOs turn their Accounts Department PaperLess?

Yes, all CFOs should know that implementing a PaperLess Accounts Department is simple and easy. However, it is important that CFOs make sure they implement a PaperLess system fully compatible with their accounting software.

CFOs using Sage 50 or Sage 200 rely in PaperLess Document Management to get their PaperLess AP for Sage. The reason for choosing PaperLess for Sage, is because PaperLess is a Sage Add-on Approved Software that gives CFOs access to Invoice Data Capture, PO Matching and Digital Invoice Approval seamless integrated with Sage. Furthermore, with PaperLess Sage users can also automatically attach invoices into Sage, speeding-up invoice filing and retrieval processes.

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As a Sage user, why should I choose PaperLess Document Management Software?

As Sage Approved Document Management Software, Sage users can be sure that PaperLess is fully compatible with their Sage accounting package. This way invoice data can be automatically captured and posted to Sage at the click of a button.

PaperLess invoice capture is instant and invoices are immediately visible in Sage. This is something that only a software that integrates seamlessly with Sage is capable of.

If as a Sage user you choose a software not fully compatible with Sage, you risk ending up having to wait hours for the results of the data capture process. Afterwards you will also have to manually import CSV files into Sage, in a process that can be quite time-consuming.

These are just a few of the many reasons why PaperLess is so rapidly becoming the top choice of Sage users to automate AP processes. Click here to Book a Free Demo and learn more about the best document management software for Sage 50 and Sage 200.

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