Henley Seminar – Another successful PaperLess participation

The PaperLess representative, Torben Halvorsen, was present at the Henley Seminar, an event promoted by the Sage Business Partner, Pentyme, where he showed to both Sage 50 and Sage 200 Business Suite users how they can manage all their documents in a simple, smart and secure way by using PaperLess software, a powerful system that uses the Capture-Process-Archive methodology instead of the simple Scan-to-Archive that allows companies to increase productivity levels, save time, reduce costs and minimize the need for manual data input.

Sage users’ response to the presentation was very good, since they were able to realize the potential that PaperLess has to improve processes in their companies. That was achieved by showing them how fast and simple the PaperLess process is, having Torben demonstrating how they can easily add both paper and electronic documents into PaperLess and automatically having the data input to the system by applying journal types and running automatic invoice recognition. They were also able to realize how easy it is to manage both documents and the entire approval process by using PaperLess’ workflow powerful features.

Torben also showed how PaperLess allows to directly post all journal transactions types into Sage 50 and 200 and how users can easily lookup document from Sage afterwards or link any document into existing Sage transactions, whenever users are not posting transactions directly from PaperLess or want to get rid of their old paper archives.

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