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Click to find out more about this Sage Developer's SolutionOn 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, reflecting the importance of data protection in our increasingly digital world. In order to comply with the new regulation companies are changing the way data is processed and documents are managed.

This is particularly important for Finance Departments that due to the nature of the data processed, need to find a way to keep the information organized and secure. The new regulation replaces the existing patchwork of directives and national legislation and brings a degree of long-anticipated consistency to the data protection landscape in Europe.

In order to comply with the new legislation, companies are relying on document management technology to keep track of the data they process ensuring that it is kept safe and that is only accessed by authorized personnel.

So, what is the choice of Sage users to better comply with GDPR rules and, at the same time, automate document management processes?

Well, the preferred choice of Sage users for this has been PaperLess Document Management, a software that integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200c, Sage 200 Standard, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online bringing together Automatic Invoice Recognition, Online Document Approval, Look-up of Documents from within Sage and allows users to keep control over who has access to the documents.

So, how can PaperLess help you be GDPR compliant?

  • PaperLess manages accounting and other documents in a structured manner. That step alone gives control over those documents minimizing the risk of loss or unauthorised access.
  • PaperLess does not print anything, therefore reducing the risk of personal data on “paper” being misused. Alternatively, the document would be printed and manually moved around or emailed leaving a trail of potentially personal data all over the place.
  • Document Flow does not email any documents. Only those involved in “the flow” are aware and have access to the process. The document is held centrally by PaperLess on the customers server. Any personal data contained in the document never moves.
  • PaperLess stores all data on the customers local server. This removes the risks of online storage, location and related access issues.
  • Only those authorised to look at documents are able to.
  • For non-accounting documents, PaperLess Other Documents archive enables very precise categorisation of documents which can be used to control who can or cannot see them.

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With PaperLess software users can only access documents after logging in to the system with their username and password. This password is unique to the user and has a minimum number of alphanumeric characters to ensure that users choose passwords with a strong security level. PaperLess also has available the Secure Mode to “lock down” who can access documents on file level so that you are sure all data is kept sage.

For non-accounting documents, PaperLess Other documents archive allows users to send documents for approval, meaning that you will have logged who has seen the documents and who has access to them. By taking a simple report you can have a quick overview of who has access to the different folders and quickly set further restrictions.

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