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PaperLess Invoice Scanning is the top software choice of CFOs to scan invoices to Sage. The reason for this, is because this powerful Sage Approved Scanning Software not only automatically scans invoices into Sage but also gives companies access to the best OCR Software for Sage.

With PaperLess, CFO can easily automate invoice scanning and invoice data capture. At the same time, with PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage, companies can also streamline invoice workflow processes. All this within one single software that is fully compatible and approved by Sage.

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Widely recognised as the best sage scanning software, PaperLess is a Sage Tech Partner that gives companies access to the best Sage AP Automation. From the moment invoices are scanned into PaperLess until they are posted to Sage, PaperLess automates the entire invoice processing cycle.

Besides scanning invoices into Sage and giving companies access to the best invoice capture software for Sage, PaperLess also enables Sage users to automatically upload invoices to Sage. This way, CFOs know that their Accounts Teams no longer have to spend time on manual entering invoice data into Sage or manually uploading invoices to Sage.

With PaperLess, posting transactions into Sage is instant and, due to the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage, the scanned invoices are automatically attached to Sage transactions.

That is correct, PaperLess scans the invoices, captures the invoice data, posts the transactions and attaches the invoices to Sage in a fully automated manner.

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Automatically Scan invoices into Sage

Automate Sage Invoice Data Capture

Automatically Attach Invoices into Sage

Streamline Sage Approval Processes

Is Automatic Invoice Scanning available for all Sage Products? 

Currently, automatic invoice scanning with PaperLess is available for all companies across UK and Ireland using: Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Extra Online.

Why are CFOs choosing PaperLess to scan invoices into Sage?

There are many reasons why so many CFOs using Sage are choosing PaperLess to streamline invoice scanning processes.

We could mention the unique automation levels delivered by the automatic invoice data capture for Sage or the capability of automatically attaching invoices into Sage, as some of the main reasons why PaperLess is top choice of so many Sage users. However, we feel that the most important reason for this is the fact that as a Sage Add-On Scanning Software, PaperLess works side by side with Sage, offering a unique and seamless integration with Sage.

If it this level of integration that makes it possible for Sage users going PaperLess, to not only digitise and attaches invoices into Sage but to do so in a fully automatic process.

Automatic Invoice Scanning Software for Sage

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Does HRMC approves the use of PaperLess to scan invoices into Sage?

One of the questions many Sage users ask when they decide to start scanning their invoices and implement a digital accounts payable function is if that is approved by HMRC.

Well, even though HMRC does not recommend any software in particular, there are clear guidelines on what companies must ensure if they decide implement a software to scan their invoices.

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To go PaperLess and be compliant with HMRC guidelines, what Sage users need to ensure is that the keep their records complete, readable and easily accessible. As long as when CFOs decide to go PaperLess to automatically scan invoices into Sage they ensure that their teams follow these guidelines, they will not be breaching any HMRC requirements.

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