Better User Experience in the Latest PaperLess for Mamut

In the first month of 2013, we issued a new release of PaperLess for Mamut offering a better user experience to our customers with many enhanced functionalities. Here are the 5 main changes we have made for the latest version:

1. Automatic Invoice Recognition

We have enhanced the function of finding IBAN numbers and VAT numbers via aliases using OCR:INT and OCR:GB if VAT number has hyphens. Previously no VAT number would be found if the number included hyphens.

2. Accounting Archive

The last accounting year entered in the search field is now remembered by the PaperLess system per user and per administration till next time you use PaperLess.

Registration of amount in header for document with journal type for outgoing (sales) credit note now gets correct +/- amount on accounting lines for customer control account and default income account for the customer.

3. OCR:INT (International)

The OCR function has now been improved in several fields. You can now find IBAN numbers even when the numbers have double spaces in between. You can find both VAT and IBAN numbers using aliases. This saves your time from manually entering data, thus speeds up your preparation of the accounting documents in PaperLess.

4. XML invoices

XML invoices with defined style sheet (.xsl) are now displayed correctly. And TIF attachment to XML invoices are matched when adding multiple XML invoices with TIF documents in one go.

5. Others

Several improvements on other functions were also made in the PaperLess for Mamut. Customers can now update an IBAN number on a supplier if the number includes any dots as we have stripped the number of any dots and spaces in this functionality. You can also create copy to CD/USB memory stick without any problems now.

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