7 New Ways to Handle Your Incoming Documents

Do you already have software that manages the output of documents, and now you need software to Incoming_documentsmanage incoming documents?

Some software applications help you handle outgoing documents and even document filing for these outgoing
documents too. But when you are still receiving loads of paperwork every day sent from suppliers, authorities, and customers, you need software to ensure you can avoid drowning under extra paperwork.

PaperLess focuses on managing your incoming documents which means managing your entire workflow process in the organisation from adding documents to processing data, from approving documents to saving all types of transactions in the accounting or non-accounting archive.

So here are 7 new ways you can now improve in your day-to-day operations and how PaperLess can make your business more efficient:

1. Adding incoming documents to PaperLess

  • Adding any type of incoming paper or electronic document in multiple file formats including office documents or any scanned image
  • Comprehensive user rights control so that certain users have restricted access to certain documents or folders
  • Multi-user, multi-company functionality so that certain company documents are restricted for certain users
  • PaperLess users do not have to be users in your accounting application

2. Managing incoming paperwork

  • Never lose anytime working out where your documents are in the business process
  • Locate any document quickly and easily
  • View all your documents in the PaperLess workspace, different views mean you can always see where your paperwork is within a business process
  • Create accounting transactions directly from the source document images and post the transactions directly into your accounting application
  • View the document in PaperLess from within your accounting application

3. Automatic Invoice Recognition

  • PaperLess reads the document image and extracts accounting data ready for posting directly into your accounting application
  • Two layers of invoice recognition technology means high flexibility so that manual data entry is reduced

4. Workflow Approvals

  • Any document accounting or non-accounting can have one or more recipients attached to it for approvals
  • Full audit trail for each documents approval process

5. Secure Remote Access

  • Remote Access application (9MB file) can be run anywhere via the Internet and have all PaperLess functionality available

6. Other Document Archive

  • For non-accounting documents such quotations, HR documents, policies and procedures there is no need for any other external database or application
  • Any business document can be archived with its own meta-data so that it can be located within the PaperLess search functions

7. Reporting

  • Extensive reporting options with output to Excel that enables reporting on documents posted in the accounting, outstanding in workflows and stored in non-accounting documents archive.

The PaperLess Benefits

  • Save Money: Increase efficiency in your business process by saving time and reducing errors. Reduce business costs for processing, printing, copier and storage.
  • Increase Profits: Communicate more effectively within the organisation by centralising document management, using workflows to manage business processes, approving documents during the process, and reducing environmental impact of business.
  • Reduce Risk: Protect data within your business, archive all documentation securely, manage a complete audit trial of processes, and locate information quickly.

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