How one of UK’s leading provider of sterile and non-sterile consumables, Micronclean, increased productivity levels by more than 5% with PaperLess Document Management?

“The efficiency of the purchase ledger function has increased substantially since implementing PaperLess with increased control of documents and audit trails being the biggest advantages.” – Christine Cram – Purchase Ledger Controller

Transparency for all invoices with the ability to check any invoice at any time, with the accounts team no longer having to double check where the invoices are located, together with the fact that the invoice approval process is now fully digital, are among some of the factors that explain at least 5% increase in productivity levels as well as significant time savings across the entire accounts department.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of a range of sterile and non-sterile consumables, Micronclean have over 400 people distributed across three main production sites. Due to the size and geographical dispersion, the company was being unable to maintain visibility of where the invoices were, the status of the approval process and the issues within said invoices.

“I have to say I am pleased with PaperLess…” – Robert Parker, Micronclean Managing Director

In order to ensure 100% visibility of the status and location of the invoices once received, Micronclean was keen to partner with an innovative company that could offer a solution in line with their culture of innovation. The Document Management solution for Sage 200 created by Sage Developer, PaperLess Europe, proved to be the best choice, with Micronclean experiencing significant time savings right from the start and to “be able to track our invoices more efficiently and with a cost saving to the business” says Andrew Barlow – Management Accountant & Acting Financial Controller.

With PaperLess Software, Micronclean can now have easy access to all documents and also keep control over the entire document approval process, something particularly important when considering that the company has over 400 employees spread across multiple locations, who with PaperLess can easily and securely exchange, view and approve all documents via the Internet.

The accounts team is now able to easily keep track of documents pending approval and, when needed, take the necessary steps to ensure approval deadlines are met. Retrieval of the audit trail of the entire approval process is easy since all documents, and corresponding approval audit trail, can be easily accessed directly from within Sage 200 or via PaperLess Accounting archive.

The ease of access to all documents means that the company can now find all invoices in a matter of seconds. “This saves a lot of time trying to find old invoices in the paper archive” says Barlow, adding that “the ability to run reports and work accruals from them is also a valuable asset.”

The satisfaction levels with the solution implemented are high, with the Acting Financial Controller stating that “we now have complete visibility on the status of the invoices and we are extremely happy with the PaperLess system.” For Christine Cram – Purchase Ledger Controller – the fact of PaperLess software being so “straightforward to use and allowing users to access remotely is a major advantage” together with the fact that “we are now able to produce documents for management and auditors in a more professional manner.”

An implementation process that Micronclean considers to have been very professional, with very quick response times on any queries and that enabled the company to give answer to the challenges they were facing. Among many other benefits, currently Micronclean can have all invoices easily distributed across the different offices and promptly approved. The PaperLess Accounting archive allows the company to retrieve all documents in a matter of seconds, speedingup processes and simplifying accounting and auditing processes.

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