How to get Full Invoice Processing Automation for your Sage software?

Imagine having a software that allows you to fully automate your document management processes from the moment suppliers send you invoices by email until they are posted into Sage. That is PaperLess Company Inbox, a powerful solution that will change the way documents are processed by setting automation rules that are applied as soon as documents are received in your Company Inbox email.

This is an exclusive development of Sage DeveloperPaperLess Europe, that represents the state of the art technology for Invoice Processing Automation, with emailed invoices processed and posted to Sage with closing of corresponding purchase orders in a fully automatic process, with no need for any Human Intervention on Invoice Processing Routines.

  • Advanced set of automation rules that make possible for Invoices to be received, processed and posted into Sage in a complete automatic process, saving you even more time, money and resources than what you are already experiencing with PaperLess.
  • Remove the hassle of having to go through emails to see what documents to process, with Company Inbox everything is in one place so that automation rules can be easily set.
  • Documents can be received, have their data extracted and send for approval on a complete automatic process that makes processes simpler, faster and even more accurate than before.
  • Security tools that guarantee the accuracy of the information processed and that you keep control at all times over the documents being processed, their status and if any type of intervention is required.

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