Sage Additions The Guide 2011

Dev_logo_min_hPaperLess is featured in the Sage Additions The Guide 2011

PaperLess is an authorised Sage Developer and the PaperLess solution will be featured in Sage Additions The Guide 2011.

From April 2011 PaperLess has a direct integration with Sage 50 Accounts which means the users can now post directly from the scanned image of their accounting documentation into Sage 50 Accounts.

Every document is synchronised with the voucher records in Sage 50 Accounts and PaperLess therefore maintains an accounting archive of all documents linked with their respective vouchers.

PaperLess learns to read your accounts documentation for your customers and suppliers which means that when invoice recognition is performed on one of your electronic documents , your Sage transaction posting is prepared for you.

Your accounting system is further extended by the PaperLess approvals system which means that transactions are posted after they have been approved by the right people.

Ask us to show you how easy it is to integrate PaperLess with Sage 50 Accounts.

PaperLess Software Europe Limited is an independent company and is unconnected with Sage (UK) Limited. PaperLess Software Europe Limited has no authorisation to act on behalf of Sage (UK) Limited.

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