Numerii Speeds Up Auditing Processes with PaperLess Document Management for Sage

Numerii is a Bookkeeping & Payroll Services provider that was looking for a way to manage the vast amounts of clients’ data that would allow the company to reduce the number of physical files it had to deal with and to significantly reduce the time spent doing so.

The seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage 50 Accounts, enabling Numerii to post all transactions and link all documents directly to the transactions in Sage, together with the powerful Automatic Invoice Recognition feature, allowing a significant reduction of the time spent on manual data input, were some of the most distinctive features that led to the choice of PaperLess software.

For Lisa Davis, Numerii’s Director, one of the factors that really differentiated PaperLess from all other offers on the market was the fact that “…with PaperLess documents are directly linked to Sage something important as we only work in Sage.” With the look-up of documents directly from Sage PaperLess ensures that the storage and retrieval of all documents is fast and easy, something essential for Numerii’s daily work and even more important during the company auditing processes.

With the implementation of PaperLess software Numerii aimed to reduce the time spent on entering invoices and on retrieving data during audits. For that the company relies on PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition feature, which allowed reductions of 20% in this process and is improving every day, as well as the ease of access to all data either directly through Sage or via PaperLess Accounting Archive, turning audits into a much simpler and faster process than before.

“The PaperLess Accounting Archive is superb!” says Lisa Davis, considering it as “the best feature of PaperLess software, so easy to use and saves loads of time”. In fact and although many of PaperLess clients tends to focus on Automatic Invoice Recognition as one of the features that brings more time savings, Numerii considers the ease of access to all documents as one of the main strengths of PaperLess with their accountants spending less and less time looking for invoices and other transaction related documents when preparing final accounts, since all documents are now accessible directly through Sage.

PaperLess Accounting Archive is a powerful feature that enables PaperLess users to have easy access to all transactions in Sage whether or not they were posted through PaperLess. With powerful search features and seamless integration with Sage the Accounting Archive ensures that all financial data, associated documents and approval audit trails are available at the click of a mouse.

This is another successful PaperLess software project with the client very satisfied with the results achieved so far and expecting to increase even more their return on the investment by working more on the Invoice Recognition feature. Numerii’s Director is also very pleased with the way all the implementation process went as well as with the follow-up given by PaperLess considering it “really good, can’t fault it.”

Having started with a single installation of PaperLess software, shortly after Numerii decided to move ahead with a second installation, increasing the total number of users which shows the overall satisfaction with the results achieved. The company is also planning to start working more closely with its clients via PaperLess ClientAccess, a powerful feature only available for PaperLess Accountants and Bookkeepers that will allow Numerii to exchange documents with its clients in real time directly through PaperLess. Numerii’s clients will also be able to view and approve documents as well as to access PaperLess Accounting Archive, which Lisa Davis considers to be “the best feature of PaperLess software.”

About the company: Numerii, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, provides informed financial support for small and medium sized organisations. With more than 250 clients in a wide variety of sectors the company services are focused on three main areas: outsourced accounts, bookkeeping and payroll.


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