CPL Training bets on Invoice Processing Automation for Sage and saves £20,000 per year

In a strategical decision the leading provider of licensed retail and hospitality training in the UK – CPL Training – decided to implement PaperLess Document Management for Sage in order to improve office efficiency. The results are clear with the renowned institution experiencing reductions of up to 90% in manual data input and a much faster and trouble free document approval process.

With over 1000 invoices processed every month, CPL Training decided that it would be better to improve the office efficiency rather than to continue increasing the headcount to deal with the increasing number of documents.  With this goal in mind the company went through a thorough market research process, with PaperLess software and the seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts standing out as the best solution, allowing CPL to automate their accounts process by up to 90% and achieve yearly savings of £20,000.

The automation offered by PaperLess with the Automatic Invoice Recognition is one of the features most valued by CPL with Kurt Roberts, ACCA MAAT Management Accountant for CPL Training Group Limited, stressing that “the time spent prior to installing PaperLess on processing invoices was lengthy with manually inputting the supplier, description, nominal code and values for each invoice. Invoice recognition does all this for you at a click of a button.”

CPL Training Case Study

The document management automation offered by PaperLess enabled CPL Training to experience significant savings right from the start. Choosing PaperLess instead of hiring another member of staff represented an annual saving of £18,000 per year. According to CPL managers the digital archiving of documents and reduction in printing costs also adds up to these savings, allowing them to save a further £2000 per year, making a total of £20,000 per year.

Impressive numbers that are explained by the time savings PaperLess brings to its users and that CPL considers to be overlooked by many companies and resolved by hiring extra staff. This has a cost impact and also an effect on staff morale making it harder for staff to move up the ladder. PaperLess allows a lot of the admin tasks to be done with ease and a lot quicker freeing up time for CPL staff to be learning new and more challenging accounts work.

“Our experience of more than 15 years working with hundreds of clients across Europe taught us that integration is the key for companies to truly automate their document management processes and CPL is a clear example that we are right in our approach” says Torben Halvorsen, Co-Owner of PaperLess Software. For CPL Training the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage also meant that that once the decision was made the software was pretty much ready to use after purchasing, with all relevant information being synchronized directly from within Sage.

Although the integration with Sage 50 was one of the main reasons why PaperLess was chosen, there are many other features that also played a major role in CPL’s decision process. Roberts considers the PaperLess Document Flow a very good and powerful feature and “with the majority of our managers out of the office on occasions and unable to approve invoices being able to do this on the road is vital,” adding that “after reading more into the software features it only got better with invoice recognition and document flow for approval being key factors to choosing PaperLess.”

For Torben Halvorsen the key for PaperLess success and growth is that “we have time and time again clearly surpassed the clients’ expectations both in terms of automation levels offered and savings achieved.”

The direct savings brought by PaperLess are easy to quantify, however there are many other benefits that are much more difficult to measure. Roberts considers that “PaperLess has allowed us to completely re-think our efforts to managing our staffs time in the office, through increased efficiency in posting the hundreds of invoices that are received by CPL over a month we have been able to involve our junior staff in more high level work than previously thought possible freeing up myself and the other managers to focus more on the business development side of the group companies.”

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