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Full Automation of Invoice Data Entry in Sage with PaperLess Multiline Recognition of Invoices for Sage 50cloud, Sage 200 Professional, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online

Click here to find out moreThe unique invoice processing automation levels delivered by PaperLess to Sage users have taken another step forward with PaperLess Multiline Recognition. A powerful feature of PaperLess Document Management for Sage, that is allowing Sage users to fully automate invoice capture processes by having all accounting data from invoices with multi-lines automatically captured with no need for any manual data input.

PaperLess Multiline Recognition has a built-in a powerful OCR intelligence module that does much more than simply capturing accounting data from invoices with multiple accounting lines. With self-learning capabilities, PaperLess Multiline Recognition will automatically analyse the previous postings made to the supplier that invoice relates to and, based on that, automatically populate the VAT and Nominal Code that corresponds to each accounting line on the invoice.

With this powerful module of invoice data capture for Sage, Sage users no longer have to worry about automation invoices with several accounting lines. All they need to do is to bring them into PaperLess, run PaperLess Multiline Recognition so that PaperLess can automatically capture all invoice data.

No more paying per each invoice processed or per each line on the invoices. Like with all other features of PaperLess for Sage, you can process unlimited number of invoices without any additional cost.

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Multiline Recognition of Invoices for Sage is here… Automatically Capture all Data from Invoices with PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage

Yes, that is right… Sage users now have available a way to automatically capture individual line amounts, descriptions, quantities in a fully automatic manner so accounts teams do not spend more time on manually keying in data from invoices with multiple line items.

With PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage, as soon as PaperLess received the invoices it will automatically capture all accounting data  on a line level. The invoices are then ready for the accounts team to review them or, alternatively, automatically send them for approval.

When you post the invoices PaperLess will automatically attach the invoice and the complete audit trail of the invoice approval process to the corresponding transaction in Sage. You can then easily retrieve invoices via a live lookup directly from Sage accounting lines.

Automatic VAT Reconciliation of Multiline Invoices Now Available with PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage

PaperLess Multiline Recognition also offers Sage users automatic reconciliation of the VAT amount on the invoice. Yes, that is right… when capturing accounting data from the different accounting lines, PaperLess will automatically check if the VAT amount on accounting lines matches the total VAT amount on the invoice.

If the VAT amount on the accounting lines does not match the total VAT amount on the invoices, PaperLess will automatically prevent the invoice from being posted to Sage so that the accounts team can review the invoice and detect any issue with the VAT charged by the supplier. A fully automatic process that significantly reduces the chances of inputting wrong accounting data into Sage as so often happens when manually processing invoices.

Automatic Recognition of Invoice Summary Lines Now Available with PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage

Since many companies do not have the need to have all invoice line items posted to Sage, only requiring the information available on the invoice summary lines so that amounts can be posted to the corresponding VAT rate, PaperLess Multiline Recognition for Sage also offers Automatic Recognition of Invoice Summary lines.

With this powerful PaperLess module, Sage users can have invoice summary amounts automatically posted to the corresponding VAT code and, due to the powerful intelligence module built-in PaperLess Multiline Recognition, even have the corresponding nominal codes automatically populated for each VAT rate.

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