Why are UK CFOs moving towards PaperLess Invoice Approval Software for Sage?

Click here to find out more about PaperLess Invoice Approval SoftwareWith an increasing number of documents needing to be processed and approved across the company, many times with people spread across different locations, the preferred choice of UK’s CFOs using Sage is PaperLess Invoice Approval for sage. A Sage Certified Online Invoice Approval system that is fully integrated with Sage 50 and Sage 200 allowing Sage users to speed up approval processes and afterwards have the full audit trail of the approval process directly linked to the corresponding Sage transaction.

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  • Automatic Invoice Recognition  
    • Reduce manual data input by more than 80% with PaperLess OCR for Sage
  • Automatic Approval Workflow 
    • Automate Invoice Approval Processes by setting up automation rules based on supplier, department, project and/or cost unit responsible
  • Lookup of documents and the audit trail of the approval process directly from within Sage 
    • Yes, with PaperLess Document Management you have access to the documents and to the complete audit trail of the approval process directly from within Sage. Know who approved what, on which dates and why certain changes were made by doing a simple look-up from within your Sage accounting package
  • Online Invoice Approval seamless integrated with Sage
    • View and approve documents via a simple web browser and keep control over the entire approval process


How does PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage Work?

PaperLess provides you with a secure way to ensure that your purchase invoice approval for Sage can be monitored the way your organisation works. Once the approval process is finished you can make a final confirmation on the transactions and amend any accounting lines in the transaction voucher prior to posting into Sage.

PaperLess invoice approval for Sage is fast and secure as you can always see both the Sage transaction and the preparation in PaperLess. Since you can move the document around without leaving the accounting lines, data entry is quick so you save a considerable amount of time by viewing all the data in one go.

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What CFOs have realised is that by approving documents electronically they manage to speeds up the document approval process and avoid misunderstandings among colleagues, turning a complicated and time-consuming process into something that flows naturally across the company and over which the finance team can keep full control.

By going PaperLess you are making sure that your company can keep track of their documents in the document approval process. All business documents such as purchase invoices, holiday forms, travel expenses, purchase orders and quotations can be managed by PaperLess Document Approval. For accounting transactions such as purchase invoices, once the document approval process is complete, the person responsible can make a final check on the transactions and amend any accounting lines in the transaction voucher prior to posting into your accounting application.

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