Online Invoice Approval now available for Sage users… How does it work?

Sage users are now approving invoices and having the document approval audit trail directly linked to their transactions in Sage by using PaperLess Document Management for Sage. Being a Sage Developer, PaperLess Document Management Approval features ensure that any document that requires approval can be tracked through the approval process, not only Invoices but all types of business documentation, including for instance HR Documents, Orders, Quotations, Correspondence or Complaints.

By using PaperLess Document Approval you end up with an audit trail of the complete Approval Process all this directly linked to Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200c, Sage 200 Standard, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online so that you can have all information at the distance of a click of a mouse button.

The seamless integration between PaperLess Document Management and Sage allows you to have all your documents directly linked to the transactions you have in Sage, as well as the complete audit trail of the approval process also in Sage. This means that by a simple look up of the document directly from Sage you have access to all information related to it: who approved what, in which dates, the changes made and who made them.

But what is PaperLess Document Management for Sage?

PaperLess is a powerful document management solution that manages all your paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in your accounting software. With PaperLess software Sage users can easily reduce manual data input, speed-up invoice processing routines and have all accounting documents and the approval audit trail directly linked to Sage.

The seamlessly integration with Sage allows Sage users to easily scan invoices into Sage, turning invoice processing into an automatic and more accurate process. At the same time, Sage users will have all documents easily digitized, archived and directly linked to transactions in Sage, meaning that they can find any document they need in a matter of seconds.

PaperLess software is currently seamless integrated with different accounting software in UK, namely Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite, Sage 200 Extra Online and Sage 200 Standard Online. Contact us to know how PaperLess can help you automate your document management and invoice processing routines and find out why PaperLess has more than 1700 installations across Europe.

Being a Sage Developer PaperLess offers all the know-how and quality that only a Sage Developer can offer. By working closely with Sage Developers Support, PaperLess ensures that the software is constantly up to date with the latest Sage Developments and that you can truly boost the potential of you Sage Accounting Software by automating your document management processes and invoice processing routines.

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