Managing documents in Sage 50 and Sage 200 Business Suite without having to outsource. Is it possible?

Enterprises receive a tremendous amount of papers at receptionist or by emails on a daily basis and many clerks andPaperLess for Sage administrators are hired only to do the manual data entry work. Outsourcing such work sometimes can get out of control and costs more money than expected which makes companies increasingly more conscious about the importance of having an efficient document management system for their complete workflow process.

Therefore, many are looking for an efficient enterprise document management system that can handle all their paperwork from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in their accounting applications. PaperLess has earned a reputation as an industry leader in developing efficient and flexible enterprise document management system for Sage, Mamut One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, UNIT4 Multivers, together with other domestic applications like DI in Norway and SoftOne in Sweden.

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PaperLess offers a comprehensive enterprise document management system that focuses on the Capture>Process>Archive methodology. This is a far more efficient method than the traditional Scan to Archive methodology. PaperLess is designed to fully utilize the best features of Capture>Process>Archive to ensure a quick and high ROI for your organization.

With PaperLess you can prepare accounting documents such as transactions attached with documents in the Accounting Archive, and all non-accounting documents such as expenses, holiday forms, agreements, in Other Documents Archive.

Finding all the electronic documents has never been so easy with PaperLess thanks to its powerful search functions. PaperLess has built in multiple search filters which means you can quickly find any document in the PaperLess archives using one or more pieces of data that has been captured with the electronic document. Multiple search fields make it very easy to locate the transaction or document you need with the least amount of information required. When you narrow down search criteria it makes the search quicker so documents are located in seconds.

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