Make you Finance Department Go PaperLess With Green Technology Seamless Integrated with your Sage Accounting Package

More businesses are ready to go paperless with green technology. Companies are changing their business processes to be clean, green and lean. PaperLess reduces companies’ environmental impact, eliminates the high cost of paper document storage, saves money with lower printing and copying costs and improves efficiency by saving time locating documents.

It is easy to go PaperLess with green technology, businesses can easily manage all their paperwork and computer files in one centralised system. PaperLess enables businesses to scan documents directly into PaperLess and also add any electronic documents such as PDF’s, Word and Excel documents. One can even print directly into PaperLess which is great for email archiving. A centralised document management solution with powerful search feature means that users can find any documents in seconds.

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When businesses go PaperLess with green technology, they can relax whilst PaperLess automatically synchronises with Sage. PaperLess integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 20 Suite and is compatible with Cloud implementations. No user interaction is required as synchronisation happens at background instantly. Automatic invoice recognition extracts the relevant data from your invoices and creates transactions ready to post directly into Sage from within PaperLess, archiving the document at the same time. Colleagues can also open up the document associated with any transaction from within Sage.

A PaperLess user with the appropriate user rights can see all Sage transactions and any documents associated with those transactions. There is no need for them to be a Sage user. Within PaperLess, you can secure the users access rights, so each user sees what they need to see, and no more.

PaperLess encourages businesses to go paperless with green technology because they will never lose track of their workflow processes and documents. Businesses can keep control of their entire workflow processes by using Document Approval for procedures such as invoice approvals, credit notes, HR procedures, quotations, customer correspondence, purchase orders, proof of delivery, etc.

One can also access all documents and transactions via the Internet with the highest levels of security using PaperLess Remote Access. Remote workers, branches and overseas offices can also go paperless with green technology with highly secure AES encryption. Go PaperLess with green technology today and learn how to make your business simple, smart and secure.

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