Sage Marketplace – Introducing Invoice Scanning with Built-In Invoice Approval

Click here to find out more about this Sage Add-On Invoice Scanning Solution Sage Approved Invoice Scanning Software  is allowing thousands of Sage users to scan invoices, credit notes and all other accounting documents directly into Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online. A powerful automation feature for Sage that is making this the top choice of Accounts Departments using Sage to automate invoice scanning, invoice processing and also invoice approval processes.

Automatic scanning of invoices directly into Sage makes it easy for accounts teams to scan invoices directly into Sage, automatically attach invoices to Sage accounting lines, automatically capture data from invoices and have invoices sent for approval in a fully digital way. With PaperLess Automatic Invoice Scanning Software for Sage businesses can scan paper invoices or drag and drop electronic invoices from their emails or computers directly into PaperLess and with PaperLess Company Inbox companies can also fully automate all invoices received by email.

A powerful set of Sage Approved invoice scanning automation features rapidly turning PaperLess into the preferred choice of Sage users to manage, process and store invoices with Sage.


Visit Sage Marketplace to find out more about  the top choice of Sage Users to Automate Invoice Scanning and Invoice Approval Routines

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  • Automatic Invoice Recognition with PaperLess powerful OCR for Sage
  • Automatic Scanning of Invoices with Direct Link to Sage 
  • Online Invoice Approval for Sage
  • Live Lookup of invoices from within Sage
  • Automatic Matching & Closing of Purchase Orders
  • Full Invoice Processing Automation with PaperLess Company Inbox

After businesses scan invoices, PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition automatically captures all relevant accounting data from the invoices. Since PaperLess works fully integrated with Sage, besides populating all accounting data from the invoices, PaperLess will also automatically make a suggestion on the Nominal Codes, Tax Codes, Departments to be used based on the default supplier setting in Sage, so all accounts teams need to do is to review the information and make any necessary changes prior to posting to Sage or sending the invoices for approval.


Automatic Invoice Scanning for Sage also includes built-in Online Invoice Approval… How does that work?

Thousands of Sage users are now approving invoices and having the document approval audit trail directly linked to their transactions in Sage by using PaperLess Document Management for Sage. Being a Sage Platinum Developer Partner, PaperLess Document Approval features ensure that any document that requires approval can be tracked through the approval process, not only Invoices but all types of business documentation including for instance HR Documents, Orders, Quotations, Correspondence or Complaints.

By using PaperLess Document Approval you end up with an audit trail of the complete Approval Process all this directly linked to Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite so that you can have all information at the distance of a click of a mouse button.

The seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage allows you to have all your documents directly linked to the transactions you have in Sage as well as the complete audit trail of the approval process also in Sage. This means that by a simple look up of the document directly from Sage you have access to all information related to it: who approved what, in which dates, the changes made and who made them.

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