Sage Automatic Match & Close of Purchase Orders – How does that work?

Click here to visit know more about this Sage Add-On SolutionWith PaperLess for Sage Automation Pack Sage users no longer have to spend time on manually matching invoice and purchase order amounts or on having to go into Sage to manually close off a Purchase Order, post the transaction and then archive the invoice in a separate location.

With PaperLess for Sage, all relevant data is automatically captured from the invoices with PaperLess OCR Software for Sage and when there is a Purchase Order number on the invoice, PaperLess will automatically check if purchase order and invoice amount match. When they match, PaperLess automatically closes of the purchase order, post the transaction and attaches the invoice to the corresponding accounting lines in Sage is a fully automatic process.

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  • Get all relevant data automatically captured with automatic match of invoice and purchase order amount
  • Get purchase orders automatically closed off in a fully automatic manner
  • Get transactions automatically posted without the need from any manual data input or manual data check
  • Get invoices automatically attached to the corresponding transactions in Sage

PaperLess Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders module allows Sage users to automatically have their purchase invoices matched against the corresponding POs in Sage. If the value of the invoice matches the amount of the PO or falls within the defined variance in PaperLess, then the PO will be automatically closed and the transaction will be posted.

The powerful Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders module of PaperLess Document Management software allows Sage users to save time and money on invoice processing routines by automatically extracting all relevant data from the invoices with PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition and have those invoices automatically matched against the corresponding Purchase Order / GRN in Sage.

Invoices from email directly into Sage in a fully automatic manner… This is Full Document Management Automation and is now available for Sage users…

That’s right… PaperLess for Sage Automation Pack includes a powerful automation module for invoices received via email so that, by setting up automation rules to the emails received from suppliers, invoices can be processed in a fully automatic manner.

This PaperLess Company Inbox for Sage where invoices received is processed by the system, data is extracted and PaperLess checks if the amount of the invoice matches the amount of the Purchase Order and, if it does, PaperLess software will post the transaction, close off the Purchase Order and link the document directly to the transaction in a fully automatic manner, with no need for any intervention from the accounts team. Once the process is over, PaperLess will send an email notification informing the relevant users of what was processed and posted via PaperLess Company Inbox.

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