Optical Character Recognition Software for Sage – How is this changing the way Sage users work?

Free DemoPeople, especially businesses have been relying heavily on paper document management- whether it be for invoices, record keeping, account management etc. There are, however many disadvantages to this system (for example loss by fire damage, misplacement, security issues, negative environmental impact on trees etc). Businesses wishing to avoid these issues should seriously consider switching to PaperLess document management. Though there are many uses of paperless document management, let’s focus on PaperLess accounting software and the benefits it can bring to your business.

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  • PaperLess accounting software is made possible with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software

Without OCR software, the transition from paper to PaperLess document management will be a lot more time-consuming and tedious than it is now. OCR software enables the translation of all types of documents like images of typewritten or printed text into electronically readable files, so offices can easily convert their existing paper documents to electronic files.

  • PaperLess accounting software can increase your company’s productivity

Many companies, especially those with multiple clients, can identify with the pain of archiving clients’ files and documents. Listing and depositing hundreds of files from different accounts can become quite messy which requires manpower. Not to mention the difficulty of fetching existing data when required. PaperLess account management efficiently stores client documents electronically through the touch of some buttons, reducing the pain and manpower required and thus increasing productivity.

  • PaperLess accounting software and invoice approval workflow

Another revolutionary time-consuming system that arrived with PaperLess accounting software is invoice approval workflow. Tracking all the invoices electronically, the invoice approval workflow permits you to manage all the bill payment processes, enforce and streamline approvals for every bill and invoice received. Plus there’s the bonus of remote accessibility- with the correct authorization you can access the invoice approval workflow from any computer, anywhere.

  • PaperLess accounting software improves document security

The PaperLess account management software has the advantage of being more secure and reliable than conventional paper methods because of encryption.

  • PaperLess account management does not require extra space

With PaperLess account management your company can store information from an infinite number of accounts in the space of a computer and desk. And the retrieval of data can be performed within a couple of clicks. Compare this to traditional paper methods which require physical storage (often outsourced), which incurs an extra cost and also the inconvenience of manually sorting through documents to perform a document search.

  • PaperLess account management is environmentally friendly

Last, but not least, going paperless is a tree friendly solution because it does not rely on the cutting down of trees, like paper methods do.

Now we know the benefits of going PaperLess, especially with PaperLess accounting software, ask now for a FREE PaperLess Demo and discover how we can help you to differentiate your company and acquire competitive advantages.

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