How easy is it for Finance Professionals to go PaperLess?

Well, if you are using Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite or Sage 200 Extra Online it is in fact very easy. The seamless integration created by Sage Developer, PaperLess Europe, allows Sage users to go PaperLess while automating their document management processes and reducing time spent on manual data input.

Yes, that’s right, PaperLess Document Management has built-in a powerful OCR software. This way Sage users have access to Automatic Invoice Recognition to automate invoice processing routines, with documents and corresponding approval flow directly linked to Sage transactions, making it much faster to not only process documents but also to retrieve them.

In this two-minute video PaperLess in a Nutshell you can find how to fully automate your document management process while exploring the full potential of your Sage accounting package with:

  • Automatic Invoice Recognition 
  • Automatic Approval Workflow 
  • Documents directly linked to transactions in Sage
  • Lookup of documents directly from Sage 

Take a look at the video or Visit PaperLess Website to find out more

  • Save time and resources on data input while increasing accuracy levels with Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • Turn manual data input into a fully automatic and more reliable process, with more than 80% success rate
  • Eliminate the need to outsource data input services, saving money and the hassle it represents

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