Norges TakseringsForbund gain control over their documents with PaperLess document management

“The installation of PaperLess means we will have a significantly better control and faster processing of our invoices”

The Norwegian Valuers and Surveyours Association is the largest valuers and surveyours organization in Norway. More than 900 authorized valuers and surveyours companies all around Norway are organized in The Norwegian Valuers and Surveyours Association (NTF).

We use an accounting application from Mamut and we were in 2009 on the lookout for a system to improve our handling of supplier invoices and accounting material in the whole NTF Group. The NTF Group consist of NTF, NTF Service AS, Norges Eiendomsakademi AS, Eiendomsforlaget AS and VERDI AS. We chose PaperLess, and after the implementation we have better control and quicker handling of our supplier invoices and accounting material.

Since PaperLess handles all voucher types we now have a complete electronic accounting archive. We no longer have to spend time in searching for old vouchers since we can easily search for them in our PaperLess accounting archive, both locally and via Internet, as well as directly from our accounting application Mamut.

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