Mulderij sees business opportunity in workflows’ automation and mobile apps

Accountant Office Mulderij & Partners Accountants and Advisors has been operating since the early 60s and focuses its activity in providing accounting services to SME’s. The accounting firm is trying to steer back by also looking to the future. Patrick Slomp, Mulderij’s Manager, states that “we look beyond just historical information, so we can respond quickly to certain client’s emergency situations.”

Digital invoice

The company makes life easier to a large number of clients with UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess. Relationship Manager, Jeffrey Summer, says that “we perform the entire administration of our clients with a document flow. They provide invoices digitally that we put into UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess and the software automatically fills in the different fields, so we just need to confirm the data and send the invoice back to the client, all in digital format.” The client can approve it after he logs in to UNIT4 Multivers PaperLess Web and “ultimately, the Director authorizes the payments that really need to go out… we obviously cannot make payments for the customer.”

  • Respond quickly to client requests
  • Invoices sent in digital format with automatic recognition and data upload of all fields
  • Automatic workflows for a better performance
  • Online collaboration with clients
  • Live access to data records

Positive point

Mulderij sees future in the collaboration with UNIT4, being that Slomp thinks there are also opportunities, for example, in the field of administration. “UNIT4 is also working there and I think the future lies there: the online collaboration with customers with live access to their data records… “

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