How A1 Services reduced time spent on manual data input and invoice storage costs with PaperLess for Sage?

With more than 50 years of experience in waste removal and recycling industry, A1 Services Manchester was having difficulties to cope with the paper-based purchase ledger function. This required lots of manual filing and added costs as the company needed to purchase extra storage space.

The paper-based approach also made it difficult and time consuming to retrieve old documents, as well as to keep control over duplicate invoices, as the software did not recognise or prompt against such.

With these challenges in mind, the primary objective of A1 Services Manchester when implementing PaperLess Document Management for Sage was to have a central electronic filing system allowing fast retrieval of files. The company also wanted to remove the need for storage of hundreds of paper folders with associated costs.

“The seamless links to Sage 50 was what impressed me the most about the software.”

Edward Walsh, A1 Services Manchester

Now that we have seen the main challenges faced by the company, let us have a talk with Edward Walsh from A1 Services Manchester to better understand the changes experienced with the implementation of PaperLess Document Management Software.


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What were the main factors that led to the choice of PaperLess Document Management for Sage?

The seamless link to Sage 50 was what impressed us the most about the software. PaperLess enabled us to automatically capture all invoice data, instantly post those transactions to Sage and have all invoices automatically archived and linked to the relevant transactions.

The fact is that PaperLess offered a lot more than what we even thought possible to find. PaperLess is not just an invoice filling system but a full document management software fully integrated with Sage 50.

PaperLess also offered installation, training and ongoing support which, together with the unique set of invoice processing automation features for Sage, were critical factors in our choice.


What do you consider to be the main benefits of implementing PaperLess for Sage?

Well, first of all I have to mention the increased speed of data input processes achieved with PaperLess Invoice Recognition for Sage. Not only do we save time in manual input of data into Sage, but we also no longer struggle with duplicate invoices since PaperLess automatically recognises them and immediately prompts a warning message whenever a duplicate invoice is detected.

We have also significantly reduced storage costs as paper copies are no longer required and all is kept digitally. Not just invoices, but we are also using PaperLess for importing and storing other journal documentation and sales documents.

It is also important to mention that having everything digitally stored and accessible remotely had a very positive, but unforeseen effect. It meant that with PaperLess we were already set up before the pandemic lockdown so there was no disruption during this time.

With PaperLess we have also gained more control over invoice processing since we have a real-time overview of all invoices in the system. As a supervisor of the accounts function this allows me to easily monitor outstanding work among staff.


How did your use of PaperLess for Sage evolve from the time it was implemented by the business until today?

Our initial requirement was for an invoice filling system. However, since PaperLess could offer a lot more than what we expected we ended up with a full document management solution seamlessly integrated with our Sage 50.

“Since introducing PaperLess the company has benefited from a streamlined workflow for authorising and importing purchase invoices.”

Edward Walsh, A1 Services Manchester

Apart from automatic invoice recognition and the automatic detection of duplicate invoices, PaperLess also enabled us to implement invoice approval routines fully compatible with Sage. Since introducing PaperLess, we have benefited from a streamlined workflow for authorising and importing purchase invoices.

PaperLess Company Inbox was another important feature that was not part of our initial requirements but that turned out to be extremely important. With this module we have a central email address where we can receive all accounting documents and automate PaperLess even further by setting up automation rules to all invoices received via email.


What would you say to other companies looking at implementing PaperLess Software but that have concerns about the time and effort it will take them?

Well, for us this was a very easy process. PaperLess worked alongside our outsourced IT support to access the server and install the software. Then, we had a very good training session which meant that at the end of it we were able to use the system straight away.

The after sales support has also been great and we are very satisfied with it. We receive regular software updates in line with Sage and PaperLess Support Team have always efficiently solved any issues we have had.

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