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Sage scan, process and approve invoices

Click to visit Sage MarketplaceSage users can now automatically scan, process and approve invoices with the press of a button. These are unique invoice processing automation features only possible with PaperLess Document Management for Sage and that explain why thousands of Sage users use PaperLess for Sage on a daily basis to process and approve invoices.

PaperLess for Sage manages all accounting related documents, from scanning and adding electronic documents to processing them in Sage.

PaperLess captures key accounting data and uploads the invoice to Sage Accounting. With PaperLess, scan to Sage is simple and easy so just watch the video below to see how simply scan, extract data and upload your invoice to Sage in one go.

How to scan, process and approve invoices into Sage?

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Sage Automated Invoice Process

As previously mentioned, besides scanning invoices into Sage, PaperLess also uses the latest methodology Capture>Process>Archive to capture data at the start of the document workflow process so that all your invoices be digitised and handled more efficiently online.

Once invoices are in PaperLess, all Sage users need to do is to run PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition to automatically extract the invoice data. Then, all the Sage users need to do is to post the invoice into Sage directly from within PaperLess.

Posting invoices to Sage is an instant and fully automatic process so that Sage users do not have to be manually uploading invoices to Sage. At the same time, PaperLess automatically attaches the invoices to Sage so that Sage users do not have to be manually attaching invoices to Sage transactions.

With PaperLess for Sage processing invoices becomes a fully automatic process. From scanning invoices to capture and post invoices to Sage, PaperLess does it all without the need for Sage users to spend time on manually processing invoices.

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Automatically scan, capture and upload invoices to Sage

Automatically extract and review key invoice data.

Press the post button and PaperLess automatically creates an invoice in Sage Accounting with the data you entered and attach the invoice to Sage accounting lines

Authorise Invoices with PaperLess for Sage

Sage invoice approval processes are now much easier and faster with PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage. PaperLess automates approval processes by automatically sending invoices for approval by the relevant people within the company.

PaperLess ensures that no documents Sage users do not lose any invoice and that they know exactly where the invoices are at all stages of the approval process. Besides, due to the seamless integration with Sage, Sage users can automatically send invoices for approval based on supplier, department, project or cost unit responsible.

Once approval is given, PaperLess Invoice Attach feature ensures that both invoices and the audit trail of the approval process are automatically archived and directly linked to the corresponding transaction in Sage.Click here to get your free demo

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