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Sage confirms PaperLess for Sage 200 as Sage Approved Software

Only a few days after revalidating the certification of PaperLess for Sage 50cloud, Sage now confirms PaperLess for Sage 200 as a Sage Approved Software.

With this certification PaperLess for Sage 200 will continue to be available in Sage Certified Marketplace so that any company using Sage can have easy access to the best software to automate invoice processing and invoice approval. now have the stamp from Sage confirming the quality of the software solutions of PaperLess for Sage.

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What were the AP Automation features tested?

To become confirmed as a Sage Approved Software for Sage 200, PaperLess had to go through an extensive testing. Among several of the AP Automation features tested we feel it is important to highlight the ones below:

  • PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage 200
  • Automatic Attach of Invoices to Sage 200
  • Automatic Upload of Transactions to Sage 200
  • Sage 200 PO Matching with PaperLess Automatic Matching & Close of Purchase Orders
  • Approval of Invoices in Sage 200 with PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage 200

PaperLess for Sage 200, a Sage Add-On Software Delivering the best AP Automation results

PaperLess Add-on for Sage is the software that delivers the best AP Automation results. Something that the team testing PaperLess for Sage 200 acknowledged when highlighting the high quality PaperLess software features.

For PaperLess, the fact that Sage confirms PaperLess for Sage 200 as Sage Approved Software is the recognition of the quality of PaperLess software solutions.  Such will give other Sage users the assurance of the quality of PaperLess to automate Sage AP processes.

With PaperLess, automating Sage becomes a simple and straightforward process. All Sage users need to do is to visit Sage Marketplace and book a free demo of PaperLess AP Automation for Sage.  Click here to Book Your Free Demonstration

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