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Sage certifies PaperLess for Sage 50

Sage certifies PaperLess for Sage 50 as a Sage Approved Software, giving Sage users the assurance of the quality of PaperLess for Sage 50. At the same time, it also ensure that by implementing PaperLess, Sage users will benefit from an exclusive set of features to automate invoice scanning, invoice processing, invoice capture and invoice approval processes.

The certification process also highlights the quality of the software product, excellent customer support and the valuable invoice processing automation features that are part of PaperLess for Sage 50.

Furthermore, the testing team also acknowledges that the functionality PaperLess Europe advertises works as expected. Thus, the invoice processing automation levels PaperLess promotes are in line with what Sage users can expect to experience. 

The satisfaction with the performance and resilience of the integration between PaperLess and Sage is the main reason why the team testing the integration recommends that the Sage Certified Marketplace adds PaperLess to their listing.

Sage Certification of PaperLess for Sage 50, visit Sage Marketplace to learn more about this Sage Approved Software

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Below you can find a list of some of the invoice processing automation features that were tested by Sage.

  • Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage 50
  • Automatic Attach of Invoices to Sage 50 Transactions
  • Automatic Upload of Transactions to Sage
  • Automatic Matching & Close of Purchase Orders
  • Automatic Matching & Closing of Partial Deliveries

The fact that Sage certifies PaperLess for Sage 50 as a Sage fully compatible Sage Add-On Software, acknowledges what thousands of Sage users across UK and Ireland already know. That is that PaperLess is the best software to automate Sage invoice processing and invoice approval processes and that is the reason why Sage users consider it the best invoice processing software for Sage.

So, if Sage UK themselves recognize the quality of PaperLess Software what are you waiting for to join thousands of other Sage users who already went PaperLess.

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