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Portfolio Finance Directors Webinar shows CFO’s the future of document management automation

The increasing number of CFO’s, CEO’s, Finance Directors and Accountants using PaperLess software led PaperLess and Portfolio Finance Directors to organize an exclusive webinar for their associates where PaperLess will present the latest developments in the document management area and how the future relies in automation and integration between document management and accounting software.

In fact it is the seamless integration with Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Business Suite that is responsible for the ever higher number of Finance Professionals using Sage to rely on PaperLess software to manage both their accounting and non-accounting documents as well as to automate the way invoices are processed, workflows are set and documents are stored and retrieved directly from within Sage.

Take a sneak peek at PaperLess for Sage Webinar and see the future of Document Processing Automation

PaperLess in a nutshell

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Portfolio Finance directors is part of Directors online which runs three major sites, they are Non-Executive, Portfolio Finance and The Consultant Hub enabling PaperLess to reach thousands of Finance Directors and more than 20,000 companies across UK and Ireland. PaperLess Europe is a Sage Developer with an expanding client base of more than 1700 installations across Europe.

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