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How are CFOs managing an increasing number of invoices without increasing the headcount?

Click here to visit Sage Additions WebsiteOne of the main problems CFOs currently face is having to deal with higher volumes of invoices without having to increase the headcount. Something only possible when implementing software that delivers automation of invoice scanning, invoice processing and invoice approval routines.

CFOs using Sage 50 and Sage 200  are working together with Sage Developer Partner, PaperLess Europe to achieve this, by gaining access to  PaperLess Document Management for automation of invoice scanning, invoice processing and invoice approval routines.


The preferred choice of Sage users to manage accounting documents and speed up invoice processing routines

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  • Automatic Invoice Recognition fully integrated with Sage
    • All data is automatically recognized and uploaded to your system reducing time spent on manual data entry and eliminating typing errors.
    • Invoice approval workflow leading to streamlined invoice management.
  • Automatic Invoice Filing in Sage
    • No more time wasted on arching or looking for invoices. Everything is automatically attached to the corresponding Sage transactions so that retrieval can be done via a live lookup from within Sage.
  • Online Invoice Approval Software Seamless Integrated with Sage
    • Automate the Invoice Approval based on Supplier, Department, Project or Cost Unit Responsible
    • Get the Full Audit Trail of the Approval Process directly linked to your transactions in Sage.
  • Full Automation of Invoices received via Email
    • This is made possible with PaperLess Company Inbox, where Sage users can set up automation rules to invoices received via email so that they can be processed in a fully automatic manner.

Is PaperLess for Sage Document Management for Sage suitable for my company?

Thousands of Sage users are using PaperLess on a daily basis to automate their invoice scanning, processing and approval routines. Despite their business sector, all PaperLess users have one thing in common, the need to speed-up invoice processing routines and manage accounting documents in a more efficient manner so that productivity levels can be increased.

In order to achieve this the only way is to implement a system that automates the entire invoice processing routines from the moment invoices are received while, keeping control over the entire process, since accounts teams can no longer afford to have invoice sent for approval and not knowing where they are or have real time information on the status of the approval process.

Why are so many Sage users choosing PaperLess to automate invoice scanning processes?

That is because businesses receive an increasing number of invoices every day and cannot increase the headcount indefinitely. This makes accounts departments struggle to cope with the increasing work load and having to find ways to automate and organise processes more efficiently which can only be done by a software that integrates seamlessly with their accounting package and offers the quality that only a Sage Certified Solution can give.

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Sage Automated Invoice Scanning also with Online Invoice Approvals

With an increasing need to speed up invoice approval processes across the company UK CFOs using Sage have turned to the solution created by Sage Developer Partner, PaperLess Europe. A powerful document management solution that allows thousands of Sage users across UK and Ireland to approve invoices with ease and to have the invoices and complete audit trail of the approval process directly linked to Sage accounting lines.

Seamlessly integrated with Sage and Sage 200 PaperLess invoice approval function delivers unique automation levels by automating document approval processed based on supplier, project, department or cost unit responsible.

Once invoices are approved and posting is done, PaperLess will automatically link the invoices and the audit trail of the approval process directly to Sage transaction line. This means that the retrieval of all this information can be done via a simple lookup directly from Sage transaction lines.

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