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How are CFOs Automatically Scanning and Approving Invoices with Sage?

Click here to find out more about this Sage Add-On Invoice Scanning SolutionOne of CFOs main concerns have been to deal with the increasing number of invoices their Accounts Teams need to process on a daily basis without jeopardizing the quality of the accounting data and the approval processes their companies have put in place. This is why Sage Authorised Document Management Software  – PaperLess Software – has become so popular among CFOs using Sage, since it allows them to automate invoice processing and invoice scanning routines by bringing together Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage, Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders and Automatically Attach of Invoices into Sage together with Online Invoice Approval and Live Invoice Retrieval from within Sage Accounting lines.

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  • Automatic Invoice Data Capture for Sage
  • Automatic Matching & Closing of POs
  • Automatic attach invoices to Sage transactions
  • Live retrieval of invoices directly from within Sage
  • Online Invoice Approval fully integrated with Sage
  • Full Automation of Emailed Invoices with PaperLess Company Inbox

How does PaperLess  Sage work?

From the moment PaperLess for Sage is implemented, paper invoices and electronic invoice are brought into PaperLess as soon as they are received so that all accounting data can be automatically retrieved with PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition for Sage. Once this process is finished all that is left is for Accounts Teams to review the accounting data and either post the invoices directly into Sage or send them for approval. On posting, PaperLess will automatically attach the invoices to the corresponding transactions in Sage so that retrieval of invoices can be done directly from within Sage accounting lines.

PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software Sage with built-in Online Invoice Approval for Sage

Invoices needing approval can be easily sent on flow with PaperLess Online Invoice Approval for Sage, a powerful module of PaperLess for Sage that streamlines the entire invoice approval process while ensuring that the complete audit trail of the approval process is directly and automatically linked to Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Extra Online and Sage 200 Standard Online.

As all other features of PaperLess Document Management software, invoice approval is also seamlessly integrated with Sage, allowing approval flows to be automated by supplier, project, department and/or cost centre.

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Why are CFOs choosing PaperLess Automatic Invoice Data Capture for Sage?

Well, because if the OCR software you choose does not integrate with your accounting software it is very likely that you will have to manually import the data extracted into Sage. A process that can be time consuming and prone to errors and that is why Sage users preferred option is PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software for Sage, a powerful document management solution with built-in OCR technology that integrates seamlessly with Sage 50cloud, Sage 200cloud, Sage 200 Standard Online and Sage 200 Extra Online allowing Sage users to automatically have all their data posted into Sage and also have all their accounting documents directly linked to Sage transaction lines. Document retrieval can then be done via a simple look-up directly from within Sage.

Why are CFOs choosing a Sage Authorised Software?

PaperLess Invoice Scanning Software  is a Sage Authorised Solution for both Sage 50 and Sage 200. By having its solutions fully certified by Sage to work with Sage 50 and Sage 200, UK customers have the recognition from Sage UK themselves of the excellence of the software solutions developed by PaperLess.

Consumers can make a decision based on facts, such as these certifications and the feedback of thousands of Sage users, and not just on promises which can lead companies to end up with a solution that either does not work or does not deliver the necessary integration levels to achieve true automation of document management processes.

This Sage Authorised Solution has the added advantage that due to the seamless integration with Sage documents are automatically linked to transactions in Sage, meaning that Sage users can now retrieve all their accounting documents by doing a simple look-up directly from within Sage.

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