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Getting overwhelmed by paper… Find out how are Finance Professionals dealing with it?

Many business’ managers fail to understand the need for PaperLess document management. This is partly because they struggle to get the buy-in from key decision makers, they are confused and overwhelmed by the process, or believe the financial costs of implementing this system will be high.

Yet every year, the numbers of electronic records increase by 20%.

This shows us that despite the above apprehensions, more and more companies are starting to adopt PaperLess document management. Why? Because they are realizing the key benefits of going PaperLess.

With the introduction of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) PaperLess software can easily and automatically convert paper documents such as typewritten or printed text into electronic files, making the transition from paper documents to their electronic file versions less tedious and time consuming.

Take a look at the video to see how Optical Character Technology works

In fact PaperLess revolutionized paperless account management system by creating a fast and pain free transition from paperless to electronic system and creating a portable record management system that can instantly be accessed from any location with a computer.

  • Reduce paperwork and human errors
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Automatize all your processes
  • Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • Automatic Workflows
  • Unification of Processes
  • Among so many other benefits…

Another benefit of PaperLess account management is the invoice approval workflow system. This system manages the billing payment processes, tracks all invoices electronically, while also being able to enforce and streamline approvals. Invoice approval not only streamlines the invoice process, its easily accessible from any computer. These factors not only help increase productivity, it also makes the invoice processing system more transparent.

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