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PaperLess is delighted to inform you that this year, for the first time there will be Sage 200 Day on the first day of the Sage User Network Conference at Scarman Centre, Warwick University. There will be Sage 200 stream with live updates on Sage 200 features and benefits as well as FAQ by the Sage User Network members.

Used by everyone from the small independent family business to multinational corporations, Sage specialises in software to help with managing finances, HR and Payroll systems along with systems that enable clients to effectively manage customer relationships.

The goal of PaperLess, as an add-on application to Sage, is to make your entire management process go paper free. Instead of manually processing all your paperworks and then scanning them for archiving or manually filling it, PaperLess focuses on capturing data by scanning papers at an initial stage in order to process them within the PaperLess workspace which then instantly synchronises the data with Sage, saving your organisation both time and money.

AIIM’s latest research in 2012 “Capture and Business Process” reveals that only 16% of responding organisations today capture and extract data to process, while 66% still have a formal scan-to-archive process. However, 40% of the organisations reported ROI within 12 months on their investments in capture solutions.

Over the past decade, PaperLess has already successfully integrated with several accounting applications. PaperLess enables you to take advantage of all the investment you have already made especially in your Sage solutionsPaperLess for Sage such as installation, work practices, training, special adaptations, etc. There’s no need to start working with a different accounting solution to become PaperLess.

PaperLess integrates seamlessly and offers instant synchronisation with your existing Sage 50/200 solutions and at the same time preserves the history of the historical transactions so that the complete history of all the years of accounting are available in one place and still satisfies the storage requirements for the accounting laws of your country.

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