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What PaperLess Document Management Is Not?

People have been discussing what PaperLess document management is all about in the past decades. PaperLess document management challenges the conventional way of dealing with paperwork and manual processing work flow. PaperLess document management improves work flow efficiency and enables organisations to share and collaborate projects online without the paper hassle and compromising security. On the other hand, creating a green office has also become an important reason why many companies have decided to take a step forward to go PaperLess. Many believe that the revolution of PaperLess technology will contribute significantly to save tens of thousands of trees being cut down.

Despite the many benefits PaperLess technology has brought to our office life, it is important to understand what PaperLess document management is not in order to optimise the advantages of PaperLess technology.

PaperLess document management is NOT losing your data security

In the journey of going PaperLess with your document management process, it is critical to give importance to the security of your electronic database. Make sure you go through regulations related to office data privacy and protection. In the meantime, set up certain access rights to each user in your organisation according to their authorisation level. With the comprehensive user rights control, you are able to flexibly share and approve certain documents with certain colleagues or assigned groups without compromising any security.

PaperLess document management is NOT throwing away the formality

Having all your documents managed within the PaperLess workspace in computer does not mean that you can throw away the formality of official documents. Create a template for your electronic documents in each category such as agreements, contracts, and invoices. The standard defined process of making documents helps your organisation to gain a credible reputation towards your customers and partners.

PaperLess document management is NOT neglecting communication with your colleagues

Some people argue that the routine of exchanging paper documents at work is a way of socialising with your co-workers using conversations and your body language. Although PaperLess document management can increase work flow efficiency and reduce labour mistakes, lack of communication among colleagues could cause grave mistakes and may cost more time and money to fix. Never let any PaperLess technology distant you and your team!

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