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PaperLess for Sage now available in Sage Marketplace

Yes, that’s right the partnership between PaperLess and Sage has gone one step further with Sage promoting PaperLess Document Management directly in Sage Marketplace, so that all Sage users can have easy access to PaperLess for Sage and start benefiting from unique automation levels on invoice processing and invoice scanning routines.

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  • Automatic Invoice Recognition
  • Automatic Scanning of Invoices directly into Sage
  • Automatic Matching and Closing of Purchase Orders
  • Automatic link of documents to Sage Accounting Lines
  • Live Lookup of Documents directly from Sage Transaction Lines
  • Online Invoice Approval with PaperLess Document Flow
  • Full Automation of Emailed Invoices with PaperLess Company Inbox


Why has PaperLess been chosen to be displayed within Sage Marketplace?

The fact that thousands of users are already using PaperLess together with the fact that PaperLess is a reliable and well tested document management solution that went though a thorough certification process by Sage, gives Sage users the assurance of implementing a solution developed by a company that has the know-how and expertise that only a Sage Platinum Developer Partner can offer and therefore makes all sense to have PaperLess available for Sage users within Sage marketplace.

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High quality levels that are recognised by thousands of Sage users across UK and Ireland as well as by Sage UK themselves distinguishing PaperLess Software as a Sage Authorised Product and promoting it directly inside Sage 50cloud and Sage 200cloud, so that Sage users can know what software is the best software to choose when they need to process and manage their accounting documents.


What about having PaperLess directly accessible from within Sage?

That is now also possible thanks to the excellence and high-quality standards offered by PaperLess Document Management for Sage as well as the preference given by thousands of Sage users to the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage. This made possible for PaperLess software to be promoted directly within Sage 50 and Sage 200 accounting package so that all Sage users can know about the best way to automate their document management processes and speed-up invoice processing and approval routines.

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