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Is it possible to approve documents in Sage? Take a look at the video to know more.

Book your Free Online Demo of PaperLess Document Management for SageSage is a credible and comprehensive accounting application to manage your purchase invoices. However, customers have been looking for a complementary solution that integrates with Sage and offers document approval function so that it is convenient to approve purchase invoices for Sage among the assigned colleagues prior to posting into Sage.

Take a look at the video to know more. 

PaperLess provides you with a secure way to ensure that your purchase invoice approval process for Sage can be monitored the way your organisation works. Once the approval process is finished you can make a final confirmation on the transactions, and amend any accounting lines in the transaction voucher prior to posting into Sage.

There are many benefits to have invoice approval function in an accounting solution that also integrates with Sage. This means that any document which requires approval can be tracked through the approval process or even the entire work flow process. All purchase invoices can be managed and approved for Sage within the PaperLess workspace. More importantly, audit trail is clear for all users’ approvals.

Approving purchase invoices for Sage in PaperLess is secure as you can always see both the Sage transaction and the preparation in PaperLess. No time is wasted waiting for synchronisation as it is instant. Since you can move the document around without leaving the accounting lines, data entry is quick so you save a considerable amount of time by viewing all the data in one go.

Alternatively, PaperLess also allows you to approve other documents for Sage. This means that the people within an organisation who are involved in the non-accounting document approval process have no requirement to have access to Sage. All business documents such as purchase orders, expenses, and holiday forms are managed by the PaperLess Other Document Archive. Therefore it is more efficient to manage and approve both purchase invoices and non-accounting documents within one workspace than in different places.

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