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Going Cloud and Cloud Sharing – Know the Risks and how to protect your business!

Going cloud and sharing documents on a variety of online tools available to any internet user is becoming increasingly common and in fact provides the flexibility and agility that nowadays companies need to have in order to succeed. There are however some dangers namely regarding cyber security and data privacy compliance.

Companies need to ask and answer some questions, like:

  • Who will have access to my documents?
  • Are my documents well protected?
  • Am I in compliance with the legal requirements?

Ensuring the security and privacy of your documents is even more important when dealing with financial paperwork, which represents the major part of the total amount of documents any company stores. Apprehension increases when studies* show that 46% of individuals do not realise that by hosting their information on cloud servers, it has the potential to be stored anywhere in the world.

Hence it is critical to ensure that people are well aware of the risks and that best practices are followed by implementing a document management solution that ensures the privacy and security of all data while providing the flexibility and agility companies need. That is one of PaperLess software many goals, to ensure both security of all data with privacy rules up to document level while, at the same time, enabling companies to easily share their documents across different departments as well as with external collaborators and clients.

In order to do so and because financial documents represent a major part of the number of documents companies need to store, PaperLess integrates seamlessly with different accounting packages (Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Business Suite, SoftOne Professional, UNIT4 Multivers, DI-Business, Mamut Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Exact Globe and Eyesel Business Suite). This allows PaperLess clients to both share documents through PaperLess software but to also have those same documents directly linked to the transactions in the clients’ accounting software.

In order to increase security and make sure companies keep control at all times over their documents, PaperLess documents are stored on the client’s server and not somewhere in the cloud, something that will only happen if the client has a hosted server. A major security advantage especially when with PaperLess Remote Access users can still securely and easily share and exchange all types of documents directly from their computer like if they were working in the cloud but with all security that only a Server Based Application can offer.

PaperLess also allows users to take document management one step forward with Automatic Invoice Recognition that reduces the need for manual data input up to 80% and Document Approval Flow that gives users a complete audit trail of the document approval process. A new approach to document management and document sharing that brings together the best of both worlds.

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Sage Authorised Product 50cloud
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