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Automate Purchase Order Approval Process with PaperLess PO Requisition for Sage. The Best Software to Automate and Control PO and Invoice Approval Processes

PaperLess PO Requisitions for Sage is a powerful software that lets you create and  approve purchase orders in Sage. With this purchase order approval system, Sage users can easily create and send requisitions for approval.

Fully compatible with Sage 50cloud, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Standard, this PO Approval Software works side by side with Sage to streamline both PO and Invoice Approval processes.

With PaperLess you can approve purchase order requisitions via the web or a mobile app, both of which fully compatible with your Sage accounting package.

PaperLess PO Requisitions for Sage: The Best Way to Automate and Control Your Purchase Order Workflow

How PaperLess Purchase Order Requisitions Works?

PaperLess PO Requisition works seamlessly integrated with Sage. In order to create a requisition, click ‘create new requisition’ and fill-in the data.

If there are automation rules already set-up, PaperLess will automatically create the requisition workflow. If no automation rules exist, then Sage users can manually create the PO Requisition workflow process.

The requisition will go through the approval process set up for purchase orders and all the user receiving it needs to do is to review and approve it.

Once the requisition is approved, PaperLess automatically converts it into a purchase order in Sage. PaperLess Purchase Order Requisition also enables Sage users to easily receive the good via PaperLess and get stocks instantly updated in Sage. Once you receive the goods just login into PaperLess, go to your list of purchase orders pending delivery and, from that area, you can easily receive the goods.

  • Create and submit requisitions for approval with ease
  • Set up multiple authorisation rules and approval thresholds
  • Automate Purchase Order Approval processed based on various criteria such as amount, supplier, nominal code, department, project, and cost code
  • Monitor and control the status of your requisitions and purchase orders
  • Receive goods via PaperLess and update the stock levels in Sage automatically

With PaperLess PO Requisitions, you can:

  • Automate Purchase Order Approval based on Amount,¬†Supplier, Nominal Code, Department, Project, Cost Code
  • Restrict list of nominal and tax codes requisition users have access to
  • Create new requisitions based on requisition templates or historic requisitions
  • Access the requisition approval history directly from the PO in Sage

PaperLess PO Requisitions is the best solution for Sage users who want to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency in their purchase order requisition workflow. With PaperLess Purchase Order Requisition, approving purchase orders becomes a simple and straightforward process.

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