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Manage both your accounting and non-accounting documents within PaperLess with PaperLess Non-Accounting Archive. With PaperLess Secure Remote Access you can have easy access to all documents no matter where you are.

You can now manage both your accounting and non-accounting document in PaperLess with PaperLess Non-Accounting Archive. A powerful module of PaperLess for Sage, which enables Sage users to create their own tree of documents and search fields.

With this module of PaperLess, Sage users can easily organise all non-accounting related document and retrieve them in seconds. To the powerful search features PaperLess also added the possibility for you to restrict access to folders, enabling you to keep control over who sees what also for non-accounting documents.

The PaperLess Non-Accounting Archive means that you and your colleagues can easily collaborate, archive and retrieve documents when you need them, using the comprehensive search features of the metadata stored with each document.

But there is more, if you need to have non-accounting documents for approval you can easily send them via PaperLess. Then once the approval process is over, PaperLess automatically archives all the documents and the audit trail of the approval process.

PaperLess Non-Accounting Archive – Take a Look at the Video to Learn How to Manage Accounting and Non-Accounting Documents from Within One Single System

Automatic Processing of Non-Accounting Documents with PaperLess Document Recognition Software

PaperLess Document Recognition is also available for non-accounting documents meaning that you can have PaperLess automatically capturing the data of your documents and automatically archiving them when all data is found. This means that you do not have to spend more time on manually archiving non-accounting documents since PaperLess will do that for you in a seamless manner.

Now besides automating invoice processing routines, Sage users can use PaperLess recognition features to also automatically process non-accounting documents.

How does PaperLess Automatic Recognition of Non-Accounting Documents work?

A typical example of the way PaperLess clients use this feature is when they receive a batch of Proof of Deliveries, Payslips, Sales Related Documents. All they need to do is to simply bring those documents into PaperLess and use PaperLess Document Recognition to capture all necessary data from the documents and automatically archive them. If this data includes the Sales Order or Purchase Order number, PaperLess will also automatically check in Sage if a Sales Order or Purchase Order with that number exists and, if it does, it will automatically link the document to the corresponding Sales Orders in Sage.

All this always seamless integrated with your accounting package, meaning that when you store a non-accounting document you will still have access to all information regarding your suppliers, customers, ledgers, etc. directly linked to your PaperLess Non-Accounting Archive.

With PaperLess Secure Remote Access you now have online access to all your accounting and non-accounting documents from wherever you are. Simply connect to PaperLess and everything is at the distance of click of a mouse button.

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