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Why are CFO’s relying on Document Management Automation?

Click here to know more about Document Management for SageSome businesses today are still storing paper stashes in an old-fashioned way while other companies use the conventional Scan to Archive methodology for archiving. PaperLess is designed to utilise the best features of Capture>Process>Archive to ensure a quicker and higher ROI for organisations.

That is the reason why an increasing number of CFO’s is relying on document management automation since capturing information at the start of a business process allows organisations to manage critical information while reducing manual labour costs such as data entry, sorting, filing, storage and shipping. Capture technology also helps improve the efficiency of core business functions and enhances data quality throughout the organisation.

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PaperLess is efficient document management software for your business. The PaperLess comprehensive user rights control protects your data and documentation. Both of your accounting and business documents can be archived in the PaperLess Accounting Archive and Other Documents Archive separately, providing further security for your accounting records. Each user has access to one or more folders or companies within PaperLess with different levels of user rights granted for each folder or company.

The PaperLess powerful search function enables businesses to quickly find any document in the PaperLess archives with the least amount of data required. Multiple search fields make it easy to locate the transaction or document your business needs.


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With PaperLess Remote Access, all PaperLess features are available wherever and whenever you are. Only an internet connection is required. This is a convenient feature that enables businesses to have access to documents outside of the office. The secure Remote Access looks and feels the same as PaperLess workstation, so the PaperLess document archiving software is accessible anywhere you are.

PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 and Sage 200, so businesses are able to post invoices directly into their Sage from PaperLess. Synchronisation happens at the background instantly with the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage allowing Sage users to retrieve all accounting documents directly from within their Sage accounting package via a simple lookup from Sage transaction lines.

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