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What’s the best software to automatically post invoices into Sage?

PaperLess is the best software to automatically post invoices into Sage because, due to the seamless integration with both Sage 50 and Sage 200, Sage users just need to scan or drag in their invoices, apply the journal type and, at the click of a button, PaperLess Invoice Recognition for Sage automatically captures all invoice data. Then, Sage users just need to review the data and hit the post button.

As a Sage Approved Invoice Processing Solution, PaperLess is able to instantly upload invoices to Sage. Furthermore, besides automatically uploading transactions into Sage, PaperLess also automatically attaches all invoices to the corresponding transactions in Sage.

PaperLess Software, the best way to automatically post invoices into Sage

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How long does it take for transactions to be visible in Sage?

One of the reasons that justify the success of PaperLess across UK and Ireland is the full compatibility with Sage 50 and Sage 200. This ensures that when a Sage user posts a transaction from PaperLess into Sage it literally only takes a few seconds for the transaction to be visible in Sage.

Can PaperLess automatically process PO invoices?

Yes, PaperLess handles both non-PO and PO invoices. For invoices that relate to a purchase order in Sage, PaperLess automatically matches the invoice amount with the amount on the Purchase Order and/or GRN.

This way, Sage users no longer have to spend time on matching invoices to purchase orders in Sage. PaperLess reads the invoice data and, if it finds a purchase order number on the invoice it automatically matches the invoice to the purchase order. If invoice and purchase order match, then PaperLess automatically creates the transaction in Sage.

I need to send invoices for approval before posting them into Sage. Will PaperLess still work for me?

That is what PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage is for. With this digital invoice workflow software, Sage users can easily approve invoices prior to uploading them to Sage.

As mentioned before, visibility on the invoices is a key feature of PaperLess. This is why, once the approval process is completed and the transactions are uploaded to Sage, you will have the invoice together with the approval history directly visible from within Sage transaction lines.


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