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Blue Logic Joins PaperLess Family

Blue Logic Business PartnerIn February 2013, Blue Logic Limited signed up as a new PaperLess Business Partner in the Yorkshire area.

During the February Sage Business Partners event in Nottingham, Mark Ambler from Blue Logic delivered a captivating presentation about succeeding as a Sage Platinum Business Partner. Phil Richards from PaperLess met Mark at the event and discussed PaperLess integrated with Sage 50 Accounts in the UK market.

Blue Logic will be hosting a day of PaperLess Seminars on Wednesday 17th April in Leeds. Phil commented: “From April to June we are holding a series of PaperLess Seminars in the UK, showing both businesses and accountants how PaperLess manages all electronic documents integrated with Sage 50 Accounts. The first of PaperLess nationwide seminars will be held by Blue Logic in Leeds, and we are both very excited about this upcoming event.”

There will be refreshments and lunch generously provided by Blue Logic. Free parking and Wifi are also available. During the day we are running both PaperLess Accountant Seminar and PaperLess Business Seminar. Find out what time the seminars start at Blue Logic by visiting PaperLess Accountant Seminar and PaperLess Business Seminar.

As a Sage Platinum Business Partner, Blue Logic has fully accredited Sage consultants who can help implement the full Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Payroll and ACT! product range.

In January 2007, Blue Logic became a reality. Aiming at providing the best in customer service and support, Blue Logic is now one of the leading IT Support and Network Solutions companies within Yorkshire. Over the years, Blue Logic has grown to have over 400 customers and 40 employees, all of whom are highly trained and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of IT.

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