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Become a PaperLess Accountant

Over 400 accountants in Europe are using PaperLess to work securely and efficiently with their clients. PaperLess integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Accounts so that your clients can upload and approve documents, view transactions you have created for them, and optionally do bookkeeping online.

Accountants often ask:

  • How can I deliver profitable bookkeeping services to my clients?
  • How can I grow my revenue with new services?
  • How can I exchange documents with my clients without compromising security?

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The PaperLess Accountants Programme is open to qualifying accountants and bookkeepers who wish to use PaperLess to work efficiently with their clients. This programme is designed to benefit accountants and bookkeepers in a number of ways:

  • Increased bookkeeping efficiency
  • Recurring revenue
  • Reduction on overheads
  • Secure data transfer
  • New services for your clients
  • Marketing support
  • Low initial investment and very competitive licencing

Accountants Q&A:

1. Profitable bookkeeping services

Your clients can upload documents online using PaperLess ClientAccess Transfer. By using the PaperLess automatic invoice recognition you reduce manual data entry and check for duplicate documents, posting all transactions from the document image directly to Sage 50 saves even more time. Your clients can now view documents and transactions together using PaperLess ClientAccess Lite. Your own staff will also always have access via the Internet using PaperLess Remote Access, so all your branches can use the same central server.

Accountants can now offer profitable online bookkeeping services to their clients and still retain their favourite Sage 50 Accounts.

PaperLess is directly intergrated with Sage 50 Accounts and is quick to implement and most customers are up and running within 1 day.

2. Grow your revenue with new services

The PaperLess Accountants Programme is delivered through our network of PaperLess Business Partners who will provide implementation, training and consultancy to assist you. A complete installation of PaperLess for Sage 50 Accounts is included in the programme which enables you to deliver three PaperLess ClientAccess products to your clients starting with a very low investment.

3. Secure document exchange and approval

You and your clients transfer and exchange documents directly between each other using PaperLess and with no third party involved so PaperLess provides you a high level of security and maintaining privacy with your client. Your client approves documents. with a clear audit trail of approvals and all documents stay safe on your server and under your control.

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