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Grenland Data saves time equal to one full time staff position

With an extensive experience in the IT industry, Grenland Data is a Norwegian company that started its operations in January 2000, focusing on providing IT services to small and medium enterprises in the Grenland region. Currently, the company is the leading player in the Grenland SMB market.

As a company providing professional hardware and software solutions, Grenland Data started by implementing PaperLess software on one of its clients, Sipak. That first implementation made the company managers aware of PaperLess software’s full potential, so they decided to start using PaperLess software in their own business, aiming to “make document flow better and administrative processes more effective…” says Øyvind Haugen, Grenland Data Business Developer.

  • Increase data input speed and data accuracy levels
  • Improve document flow and the speed on administrative processes
  • Find all data fast and easily crosscheck sales invoices with purchases
  • Reduce the risk for human error and time spent on data analysis

Øyvind states that “although the software is very powerful at the same time it is so easy and simple to use, making the start-up process and employees’ training really fast and simple.” This enabled the company to “…soon after the software implementation start to see a significant reduction in time spent on looking-up invoices and an easier document flow across the different departments,” states the responsible. An opinion strengthened by Morten Paulsen, Grenland Data Manager, which considers “PaperLess as an extremely valuable tool for me as a manager to crosscheck sales invoices with purchases…”

Automatic Invoice Recognition to reduce time spent on data input, ease of use and powerful search features in accounting archive were some of the main features that led Grenland Data to implement PaperLess software. Currently the benefits go far beyond that, being that Øyvind stresses that PaperLess software has “reduced both the risk of human error and the time spent on comparing a purchase invoice with a sales invoice…”

Some of the main benefits experienced by Grenland Data

PaperLess brought savings and better performance levels to Grenland Data, which are experienced across the entire company. The representative states that “implementing PaperLess freed up time equal to one full time staff position” and that the company now has better control of their costs, due to the accounting archive powerful search feature that, among many other things, allows them to easily check if a purchase invoice has in fact been invoiced to the customer.

Torben Halvorsen, PaperLess representative, focus this as a vital point because “…by using PaperLess Grenland Data can easily make sure that all their clients are receiving the invoices for the services provided, something that as weird as it may sound is a problem for many companies that have problems in making sure that they are charging all services provided…” Torben adds that “the opposite also happens, the lack of control causes companies ending up invoicing clients more than once for the same services, harming the image that clients have of the company and jeopardizing the long-term business relationship.”

  • Increased data accuracy levels and less time spent on data input
  • Savings equals to one full time staff position
  • All data easily accessible increasing data analysis speed
  • Less human errors with all clients properly invoiced for the services provided
  • Release resources towards areas that bring new businesses to the company
  • Optimized layout making the software easy and fast to use
  • Employees working faster and more accurately

PaperLess provided Grenland Data with a set of features and benefits that all together translates into less time spent in administrative processes and more time to talk to customers, creating new businesses opportunities, thus increasing company revenues and profitability.

“It is so easy and quick to use PaperLess when doing the accounting” says Øyvind, considering these to be very important characteristics that explain the fast ROI that companies experience after implementing the PaperLess solution. The representative considers that the “hotkey layout, optimised to be as effective as possible,” is also very important for the success and differentiation of PaperLess software, because it enables people to work faster and more accurately.

Grenland Data emphasises the quality of the service provided by PaperLess to its clients, the continuous software developments the company undertakes in order to make their customers happy and the attention it pays to clients’ feedback as clearly distinctive and valuable factors that explain PaperLess Europe’s success.

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