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Catalyst goes PaperLess and achieves 20% increase on invoice processing speeds

As an independent organisation which aims at connecting a community of like-minded innovators, in an entrepreneurial eco-system that is the key driver of the knowledge economy in Northern Ireland, Catalyst felt that their accounting processes should also reflect the organisation’s positioning. For that, they would need to find innovative technologies that would ensure a reduction on the environmental footprint and operational costs while, at the same time, increasing productivity levels.

With PaperLess, Catalyst achieved all this and more… PaperLess made it possible for the organisation to transition smoothly into a paperless environment, whilst ensuring that there was no disruption in the performance of their Sage accounting package.

“PaperLess saves us around 20% on time spent on processing invoices… With PaperLess Invoice Recognition this is now a much faster, fully automated and more accurate process.”

Jenna White at Catalyst

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The smooth transition experienced by Catalyst, was only possible due to the seamless integration between PaperLess and Sage 50cloud, the accounting package used by Catalyst. In fact, the full compatibility between PaperLess and Sage 50 was one of the key factors for the choice of PaperLess as Catalyst’s document management solution.

By transitioning to a PaperLess accounts department another one of the organisation’s goals was achieved. With PaperLess, invoices could now be approved from anywhere, something that became particularly important during the pandemic when working from home was necessary.

According to the organisation’s representative, PaperLess Invoice Recognition is another key feature of PaperLess Software that plays a major role on the 20% time savings on invoice processing. By automatically capturing all invoice data, Catalyst managed to improve efficiency and productivity levels whilst experiencing significant savings on time spent on processing invoices.

Another benefit delivered by the invoice recognition feature of PaperLess for Sage is the increased data accuracy levels. Automatic invoice data input is less prone to errors than manual data input, therefore the accuracy of the data in Sage has also been improved.

The team at Catalyst considers PaperLess to be an extremely useful software for Sage users wanting to speed-up supplier invoice processing and also approve invoices online. PaperLess offers both functionalities within one document management software fully compatible with Sage.

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