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Blair’s Caravans saves £10,000 with PaperLess Document Management for Sage

The document management automation experienced by Blair’s Caravan with PaperLess for Sage allows the company to “save £10,000 every year with staff as well as to save employees time spent on processing invoices” says Colin Mayrs, Blair’s Caravans Managing Director.

Another successful PaperLess installation managed by the PaperLess Business Partner and also Sage Certified Business Partner, IT Fuel, that has enriched its product offer with a software that is much more than a simple document management software and that due to its seamless integration with Sage allowed IT Fuel to gain competitive advantages differentiating itself from its main competitors.

Situated on the famous Causeway Coast, Blair’s Caravans holiday parks cater for both touring and static caravans, relying on modern facilities to ensure business success. Something also achieved due to high productivity levels among employees, with PaperLess software being directly responsible for this through the direct savings in time staff spends on processing invoices.

Although Automatic Invoice Recognition is still seen by the company’s Managing Director as one of PaperLess’ most important features, Colin Mayrs also quickly realised that due to the ease of use and automation offered by PaperLess software he could both reduce staff allocated to the accounts area, due to the increase in productivity levels, as well as lessen the skill level required to process purchase invoices. Colin states as an example of this the fact that Blair’s Caravans “put an end to having invoices being paid twice, because if you try to do so PaperLess immediately tells you that the invoice has already been entered, so no need for a high skilled employee to prevent this from happening.”

Another fact valued by the company Managing Director is that “when the accountant comes at year end all invoices are on the computer and directly linked to Sage so no need to go through piles of paper, making the entire process much faster and easier than before…” adding that with PaperLess “there are no more paper files to get lost or damaged, everything is digital and very simple to view or look at an invoice from any computer in the network.”

Blair’s Caravan came across PaperLess software through PaperLess Business Partner Fuel and Colin Mayrs immediately realised the potential of the software and the advantages offered by the seamless integration with Sage. Colin feels “there is probably lots more I could use PaperLess for if, for example, I took some time to explore the Other Documents Archive which would allow me to also manage all my non-accounting documents.”

“Fuel is continually developing its product portfolio that are made available to our clients. Providing seamless integration with Sage, PaperLess is a powerful software addition which many of our clients can greatly benefit from,” says Trevor Bingham, Fuel’s Business Development Manager, adding that, “with the implementation of PaperLess software at Blairs Caravans we allowed our client to save time and money as well as to gain competitive advantages, which is always an objective in any solution we implement.”

Torben Halvorsen, PaperLess’ representative, considers that Blairs Caravans is a clear example of how PaperLess software pays itself through the significant savings and increase in productivity levels, stressing that “…any company from whatever business area needs PaperLess, because for most companies accounting documents represent the major part of the total volume of paperwork they have to deal with and this needs to be managed and controlled, being that the best way to do so is to work integrated with the accounting software those companies use, something that is core part of PaperLess software.”

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